We've got products everywhere -- tangibles and intangibles aka physical products or services. One of such products that I do not really like is the credit card. But this has been one of the most profitable products that one can find on this planet earth. Credit, if used correctly, could bring you a far better lifestyle. But unfortunately, many more people fail to use credit wisely and very often, one would eventually realize that one actually does not need credit to live very well. The current economic crisis has its roots based on endless borrowing. We borrow to spend and live comfortably. And that itself is one of the main problems why the debt is so high. I wonder how this whole economic saga is going to be solved. But I think a lot of people are going to suffer. Borrowing more to save borrowing woes simply is not the ultimate solution.

On the other hand, I often believe that a few other products aren't exactly needed. Generating a need for money making is what business is all about. But we need to do it humanely. Some products fuel wastage and an unwanted need to drool on basically unwanted material needs that are not exactly important... As designers, innovators, teachers, policy makers in every line and engineers, we need to think hard what is the real need and design a real business process to achieve a truly useful result. Educating an unwanted need is a sin. And to continue with the process till production and consumption is another sin that will reciprocate in a negative form big time. For all you know if we could just delete a little bit more on our indulgence, we could live a far better and sustainable world.

I present you this wonderful You Tube video excerpt of our dear SHOPAHOLIC for your viewing pleasure...(its a short trailer but it shows relevance of this post here.

PS: note the word 'PRODUCT'

PPS: listen and look at the screams. That actually put me off seeing the real film itself.

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