John McCutcheon, a Business Consultant, has just posted an interesting question at LinkedIn that I like it very much to answer that before bed time. He asked:
What qualifications do you think you have come away within the University of Life? We may study hard, learn hard and work hard. We have have gone to University of College.But life itself is a long study process one that a normal university/college cannot compete with although is part of your education.

So having moved on in years and found work, found friends, lost friends etc, what experience have you come away with SO FAR. What are your qualifications in life?

My answer:

Nice and difficult question to answer.

Life is short and it comes and goes very quickly. To do only material success at the university of college is only part of a success since it is a subset to the university of life. If you are smart, you learn fast, but the university of college doesn't tell you the intricate details of how people and nature works --in short you need to feel and experience yourself.

Handling people is an art. University of life teaches you this science of how minds work and you have to observe and apply your wits to handle and solve problems. My personal life experience so far has taught me to be astute and wise in many different situations -- that there is always a solution to every problem. You need to see the truth of many issues on people, work and society.

I've lost a few friends who passed away far too young to unexpected ailments -- they teach me that life is unpredictable, so do not waste precious time and never be complacent about being young and healthy. Always be vigilant.

I've seen people who think they can get away with ill deeds. But trust me, they never succeed and life is never really happy for them. Its a sad / even sadistic case that such people could temporarily derive 'happiness' the wrong way.

People who have broken relationships -- you need to give and take. Picking a life partner is no small matter. Cohabitation is not the best way to make sure that you've found the one. The essence is if you truly take your partner as an important part of you and your life.

Family and true friends carry more weight than your material needs. If you fail to see this, you can never be genuinely happy, healthy and never mind keeping your wealth long. Think about it, wealth from the wrong ways and with bad people cannot ensure your financial solvency. It may spell that some day they will well be taken as quickly as you've got them in the first place.

Do not betray or do evil to people who especially do nothing to you. 'cos it comes back several times worse than you've put in the first place.

Be sincere and honest, fill your life and others who are kind the same love you have or more. Everyone likes a loving person. Even animals do. When you care for them, it is often that they will love you more than you do. And this is always true when you see tears in their eyes, sad to part with you. (pets included.I've never noticed animals could even cry until people told me so.) And often when you are in danger, somehow these little creatures or nature will see you through.

PS: I am not religious. In fact I am a free thinker. For the college and life experience have taught me so far, I've learnt that being good and kind will pay itself. It may not reward you directly but it comes to you in an uncanny way. I believe all religions teach very similar ways for people to live well and happy by being nice and positive. Its just that people usually do not obey the nature laws of continual happiness that leads to what we have -- a world of pending disasters.

Quick draw before late night sleep. But I think its worth it !
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