I've just replied a friends email over at LinkedIn. He posed interesting points on pride and I replied something about it. There is nothing wrong with pride but I thought he had slightly misunderstood my post.

So I clarified that I was not saying people and companies do not have the right to feel proud. However, if its because of certain status quo that the person or organization has against others to show how big they are, then that is arrogance to the brim and I hate those kind of hot air. Liberal designers are free to be proud of what they have achieved. Every being has the very right to do so. But if it develops into an ego, then that is unhealthy habit that we shouldn't cultivate at all. Any product or service should have a high sense of humility and definitely anything that 'looks' good must have real substance to keep this world a genuinely better place to live in. Earning that ego doesn't reflect liberalism. Its narcissism in the worst kind. Just think about it: how can self-love and adoration in oneself be liberal and truly generous to others ?

Anyway, this is not the first time I see this. its pretty normal. But I am just wondering how can a world be a better place with these mentality ?

I also answered about 'sticking nails':
'Hammering sticking nails' is something that all cultures do it at some point. It is only a matter of extent. Why do I say that ? No one likes a pain in the neck to get someone who is too different that it is an sore. Otherwise we won't have cliques and groups. What could be said is that there is a difference in tolerance limit. Some people/cultures more, and some less. We need to respect that too. Those who take in more (tolerance) will win. And ego is one of the dumbest traits to prevent growth of very great products and friendships around the world. Unfortunately in this mortal world, there are plenty of such stupidity around. Hence unwanted trouble....
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