Just read this on LinkedIn today that I 've found worth my time to do a quick post on what I've just replied here:

'Need: A Thought Experiment. Who gets to decide?',
asked by Susan Shwartz PhD AVP,Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., financial marketing writer.

As the recession has deepened, I've seen a lot of discussion of need. Well, actually, I've seen a lot of assertions about NEED. It's usually in capital letters, as in I NEEDED this X, and the more E's you can sense in the word, the more intensity you feel.

Being me, I decide to wonder. The last time I got into this discussion, someone threw NEEEED at me, and I mouthed off with King Lear's "Oh reason not the need. Our basest beggars are in the meanest thing superfluous." (Warning: I didn't look up the quote.)

Personally, I don't understand the need for four-figure shower curtains or seven-figure office redecorations, or multiple yachts. I really don't understand them when they're paid for with what really is other people's money.

But the part that troubles me and that I'd like to focus on is the way people comment on other people's desires and acquisitions. "She didn't NEEED" that. "He NEEDS the Y." "That's not NECESSARY."

Who judges? We all do. Who gets to judge? Who has the right to judge and why?

I'm talking real people here, not John Galt, okay? Is there a legitimate reason to gauge other people's needs? What is it? Or why not?

My LinkedIn reply 6 April 09

Susan, this is very good thread !
Quick reply here again as I use this pocket of time to catch up :

Need is actually self generated most of the time. There is also a tendency to want more when you have more.It is endless and the cycle continues.

If we look around, it is easy to see that wants are increasing and morphing into different forms. Human nature on want is mostly greed. And greed is a common majority trait. Personally I have seen it through, and the only way to get pass it is to go around them tactfully how to 'give' it to them and keeping ourselves and the environment (both human and natural) sane and healthy. In due course of their greed or put it nicely, and 'an over demand of need'; these people will get it many times back of what they put in. This kind of 'need' will not last, and there is always a punishment for it. If we force them to stop this 'need', we may get add more problems to the question. I would just make my way through creatively -- let them have 'what they want' but remember to keep the wants in a justified way.

People and human nature will never change. It is a sad truth. But what is fortunate is that there is always a way to handle them.
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2 Responses
  1. definitely interesting post

    interesting distinction
    something i have returned to over and over again for nearly two decades...
    eg in the realm of physical sustenance
    eg in the emotional realm
    eg spiritual

    if you have the balance of this right
    then you are a most valuable creature :)

  2. Karen Fu Says:

    thanks for the comment ! May I know who you are ? You have solid points on the issue. You could email me from the emailer that is found on the right hand side of this diary.

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