Dear online folks, whoever bumps onto this nth blog would hopefully finds this interesting. I've started a string of catch-ups with the current web 2.0 technology with tiny pockets of time in between juggling with work, housework and homework. The virtual journey has been pretty fruitful albeit problematic as usual with people like me. I thought I would hate blogger until this fleeting moment of time that I've found a pretty though not the usual design sense of aesthetics for a diary blog.

It is really out of my usual style. But I like this nostalgic look with a cuppa and a traditional fountain pen for a change. I like to think how this format would work for a more down to earth, traditional, or rather a more reserved look for a not exactly reserved piece of blog.

So to bang this off, I hope my prospective netizens would like this new cosy place on line and join me with a heartwarming sense of thought on how design could add to a thoughtful living.
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