I have just posted a quick reply over at LinkedIn under Rob Curedale's Poll at his Product Design Group. I wrote that the ID design process itself can be totally reinvented, which is the real power of problem solving. --the abililty to use knowledge and creativity to come up with solutions regardless how the factors of production/circumstance are given.

If we base on the polls that is given at Linkedin at his group, then what I have been believing is correct. Problem solving skills are actually important right across different industries. It's the specific type of problem solving that is crucial and that defines the profession. In this case, the other important skill of the designer is actually styling, making the object desirable yet useful. Hence I was a little surpriced that styling was ranked least because the another prime function of ID is to be able to make anything look attractive and set that as another selling point. What is missing in the choice of the polls is 'ethical responsibility and another is 'character'. We do not want egoistical people who seem to be focusing on designing things that stands out for themselves or the designers only. Maarten Scheffer had stated some of the most important abilities of a designer. Indeed a sharp problem solver sees ahead of others, plans simply, and execute strongly. Which is why I placed a very importance on brain power and the special ability to see a problem in different ways. This is not exactly a skill that can taught. Design is an ability to come up with a strong product differentiation. How can you be radically different, or at least reasonably different when everyone or most people are taught in the same/similar mode ??

Something to think about, isn't it ?

It actually applies to a lot of other professions in the industry too. And really it does make educational establishments think too.
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