Recently on facebook, someone discussed the faithful topic on ethics and if the good will receive the good and the bad will get their retribution. I thought it was crystal clear, but obviously many people do not have the positive mindset or the patience to see the karma in all things or deeds we humans do. All living beings create design. Regardless of quality and ethics, every design decision will invariably lead to a result. The reason why the good cannot achieve the good may well be a flaw in the thinking process. It may be a trivial small one that one has carelessly neglected. Hence it makes it seems that the good does not receive the good and the bad appears to win it all. Given the right methodlogy, one could achieve one's goals. But if ethics is ignored, in due course, life will treat you what you put in because the natural laws of life is disrupted.

Global warming is one very real example. The lure of materialism has thwarted the way we think. If we could have the guts to change the 'norm' and daringly change the way we consume goods and services, I believe we can at least slow down the effects of global warming drastically.

The very first step is to discard the fallacy that the bad usually gets the upper hand. That would be a giant step forward.
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