This is a post that I made last year 18 November at Sampa.com (which I do not really use it at all because of the poor user interface)and I will transfer it here:

I am trying to find the best site for blogs. This seems to be the one...But I will go see how my other sites could fit in.

The world has certainly come to a huge turmoil.Perhaps that before the environment could take us all,the human made disaster of greed itself is unsustainable on another hand. While global recession is setting in with the larger countries coming down to its knees on their economy, smaller countries
like Singapore will have to brace up and make the necessary steps to move on.

Change is needed and its going to be everywhere.How should we as ordinary citizens of the world make the incremental changes to alter the world for the better ?

Economy wise: major car manufacturers are facing bankruptcies after the banks. Citigroup has just announced that they are laying off 20% of their global workforce.While this is almost anticipated, I cannot help to think
that we need a personal change before we can embark on the larger one.Thinking processes must change on a micro level as well as on a macro level.

More later.

As of today, Citigroup has already shrunk to a fraction of what it used to be.
Along with Citi, other industries are following suit. Nothing like this was expected. But I really think that the underlying problem of these huge capitalist establishments are actually stemmed from long term greed.Should capitalism be changed ? Design is a way of thinking. Well at least from my own modest definition, it is. Design is a strategic way to solve problems, and not repeating it. Neither is it about morphing into another form, which we have witness in many so-called solutions.

Whether we are in any form of self-destruction is really predictable. The way I see it is if we are daring to change the form that we have always been ascustomed to....
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