I am a late blogger. And so I am a real novice in this area. Not too bad setting up so many sites in a matter of 2/3 weeks under a busy schedule; and I enjoy it most of the time except with my minphf blog of design sites at blogger. It IS a real pain the neck a billion times over for some oddball reason. All I wanted was a plain workable site with page tabs and working comments function. But somehow they do not work on that site, if I also wanted a clean looking design. I had thought getting templates was easy. It was. But not under what I wanted and I wasted a lot of time looking for 'the one'.

I bet a million times the latter is hard but looking for a working blogger template appears to be finding that fine needle in the haystack. I gave up and decided to stick to the current site by just taking off the comments function which was malfunctioning in a hellish way. Besides hardly a lot of people do comments on these kind of issues. So I added an emailer on that site instead. I will go set up a wordpress blog for all the discussions for all the blogs I have there for a more interactive and intense exchange of thoughts. For my virtual diaries, I will leave the comment function on.

Thoughtful living isn't that hard to achieve. All we need is to be less selfish and spare some thoughts for others. In return, one will be rewarded more than one has put in. But most people fail to see this. And out of self protection they usually do quite harmful acts in the name of defence.

Something well worth the time to ponder about.

We need Change. But that Change has to come from everyone doing every bit to improve lives.
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