There are many different kinds of creativity - from the way we take care of ourselves to the way we handle the world. Some forms of creativity may seem as unacceptble depending on the individual's preference, which is affected by ones culture and inborn qualities.

This just came to me while I was reading the various sources of news and have been thinking.

Singapore has started the IR (integrated resorts) 3 years ago; and it does seem to have worked very well despite concerns. Economy expanded far more than the expected 6% to a whopping double digit range of 12-15%. Banks are coming in to share the pie and it does look that people take up the positive economic sentiment to move to bigger and far more exlusive private residences that commands at least 3 times psf than your ordinary public housing. Prices for public housing on the other hand, has been rising very fast.

Creative thinking, as in innovative thoughts in education, health, arts, dramma and the sciences and technologies, are often more touted as being useful. Creative problem solving that sorts pollution problems are too. But it doesn't appear to me that as many people are thinking creativity on an ethical value, which is a little strange.

Creativity must bear some form of positive output else the creativity is nothing but graffiti.
Than again graffiti can also be seen as an art in its own right, which is true. Art in museums have their value too. So are art forms that the layman does for a therapeutic reason. The only creative sin I could see is to use negative lateral thinking to do harm to the environment / another living being with no good reason apart from mere personal interests via exploitation.

Creative thinking in solving problems is another. Everyone's creative. Its just a matter of quality and the direction that creativity is heading to.

Should we have preferences in creativity? What kinds should we retain, change and strip? I wonder. Or let certain acts of creativity eat us up?

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