I have come across an 11 year old who is really bright. He read about metaphysics at his age and asked questions about time travelling. Not the usual kid but he also had a heart that was so evil that it made my eyes pop: he basially thinks that people can only survive long by attaining both power and longevity, which includes getting rid of anyone who blocks his path. He doesn't want to die since dealth would take away all he has. This kid appears to look up to me for answers. He said he basically wanted immortality and be powerful and he wanted to know how to have this power. To add to his list, love was to him an evil thing that made people weak and too vulnerable for any kind of success.
His intelligence on many scientific concepts was astounding for his age. Equally 'astounding' was his selfishness in life and the fear for mortality.I was both terrified and angry. But as you start to learn about his background, your anger would simmer down.
I gave him my heartfelt feelings about life. He seemed to be tinkered somewhat towards the brighter side. But appeared to still remain in his negative mode because his parents' lives overshadowed him with all the bad sides of life -- monetary greed, extramarital affairs, deceit and discrimination.
So what did I tell him?
** Longevity is dependent mainly on a healthy thought for people and oneself. This includes how you want to live your life. It all comes in a cycle. The mind, I feel, is the most crucial. People, who tend to be really kind harbour few or no negative thoughts, are usually healthier in both body and mind. When the flow in your body is fluid and less stressful, your health will be in an optimal state of balance.
**Wealth also doesn't guarantee you a long and happy life. I have seen a lot of wealthy people consuming lots of tonics, spending huge amounts of money looking fit but none could really compare to those centenarians whose lives are simple and pure. It sometimes doesn't even have to mean you eat healthy organic foods every day such as this longest living centenarian whose life defies almost all orders about healthy eating. But she didn't defy one order: that is to lead a simple happy life free of negative stress.
**Being mean could get you to power. But no one's an idiot. Everyone knows how to spot the negatives. And when you step over people's toes, one day they will come back to you. If they don't, life will sort you out somehow, usually via health issues since your mind is always in an imbalance of complexity. (plotting to harm is unbelievably complicated; if you start to think about it, thats added stress that is un-needed.)
** regardless of whether you are religious or not, the bad habits don't pay. It doesn't pay well scientifically, social-economically, artistically etc.Tell me and give me examples of any bad minds of thoughts give you a truly sustainable solution ? (he couldn't give me any. Maybe he was too young. But can anyone here tell me ?)
** the more you are scared of death, the more likely you'll going to die sooner. Fear is a poison to good health.
Got to pop in to bed now. Life may not be a bed of roses. People can be somewhat crazy but as long as you know how life rules in the long term, I bet you'd choose to be simple and be plain nice. I've got plenty to learn about simplification of life and I am still learning everyday.
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