This is a diect excerpt from The New Buddhist by Disney . And I'm doing a quick highlight on the original post to enhance the points. I have to say I am silly to miss this post only to find it some 10 minutes ago. A very unique woman for her time and even today when so many people are still blindly following routines of what is 'success'. Surely, there are many ways to cater to one's life. It needn't be just the common one and definitely not one that is being dictated by any being. Despite an abusive father who abandoned her entire family for another woman, she didn't grow up to be a damaged person of cynicism. A trait that is very hard to find in today's society. Her intelligence in creating a sustainable life can be daunting to most. But what we could perhaps learn is her way of simplicity in both mind and body.
Here's a quick cap of the original:
(A) The idea of Love


A 10 -years old newspaper clipping from Borneo Bulletin featured on
Mdm Teresa Hsu Chih at 100-years-young. She had a specially interview
coverage by CNN and received an award given by Her World magazine
at the same year, for her lifetime work with the poor. For her, there is no retirement.

(B) The Idea Of Youth at 100 Years:

" Be good.Live with love in your heart,"said Hsu Chih

" Avoid harsh words and unhappy feelings." Simple words - do others dare live by her example?"

(C) The Idea of a Fearless Life:

As she recieved her award , the reported thought."This woman has only $39 in her bank account.
Yet she 's completely fearless.She's the most powerful person i 've ever met."

Instead of giving an answer, she asked a question in turn.

"What are you afraid of?That is the first question you must ask yourself. Does fear help anybody?
No,So why spend so much time on fear?"

"Fear is crippling. Fear takes all the joy out of living."

(D) Her LifeStyle
Mdm Hsu Chih begined each day at 4am. She credited her youth to a simple lifestyle.
She has been a vegetarian all her life. She takes only one meal a day - mainly raw
vegetables and fruits, which she blends and drinks as a juice. She believes cooking
spoils the nutrition. Drinking this juice has been her daily habit since 1947. In this,
she was decades ahead of medical opinion. Recent scientific research has discovered
such a diet is rich antioxidants,which are life-strengthening substances that prevent
diseases and slow down ageing.

Daily meditation is " as important as a healthy diet".A peaceful mind is the

foundation of good health,she says;" i never time myself - i just meditate until i feel really drunk on peace"

Even when she was working and pressed for time, she always devoted one hour
each morning to meditation. Night is different. " Then , the time was mine. Once,
I started at 11:30pm and discovered it was 5 am when i finished. The deep quiet is
very refreshing and better than sleep."

Every morning and evening , one will find her with her feet in the air, doing yoga.it has kept her body supply.

She started when she was 69 and is now a yoga teacher.
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