black sesame snow skin rum raisin lin yoong

has a very mellow sweet taste that is both cooling and refreshing.

Almost taste like ice-cream, the centre filling goes excellently

with the seasame seed 'cold skin'. One of the best for new



'Salt' moon cakes (suyan yuebing) is the one on the top right hand corner,

which has a delicate sweet, salty and clean taste that is like no other.

You'll have to taste it to understand. It doesn't bear with the extra rich

taste like a lot of other traditional mooncakes. Yet it has a classic

taste and bite that will linger in your mouth even after a long while.



black diamond mooncake bamboo charcoal

has a single yolk in the centre with lotus paste and a little mix of nuts.

Covered in edible bamboo charcoal, the taste bears contemporary flavour that

is now considered as one of the most popular mooncakes in the market.




5 kernel moon cake (wuren yuebing)

is healthy as it is delicious. As the name implies, the mooncake consists of 5 differnt kinds of seeds

and nuts chopped into finer pieces. The mixture is then mixed with maltose to hold them up together in a paste.

This mixture can differ from dialect groups in the Chinese race. Some add in delicate pieces of jinhua huotui (ham)

and further sweeten with wintermelon. It is usually the best among the traditional mooncakes

and it is usually the most expensive too.


I didn't have a lot of time enjoying the Moon cake festival this year.

But it seems that I have a few very nice surprises for mooncakes that

cheer my days up. --- Karen Fu

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