Recently some friends and I had this conversation in our own online group. The notion was "how should you live your life; and how would you want others to live their lives?"

I thought it was a very good question. As a designer, a teacher and a non-paying adviser to some of the most expensive questions. (I really should demand some service fee, it shouldn't have been free but they are my old school mates), other than the skills and experience to do the job well and value add human and humane living; it has to be the ability to deliver happiness to people.

So my quick reply to that question focused on 3 aspects: 'Fun, cheery and happy'. Why would I insist on that ? People these days take things too seriously. Over seriousness has its pros and cons. While it does provide the propensity to work efficiently, it usually builds up tension that forces people to do things pretty differently, usually negatively & ineffectively.

Life is such that people take every damned word too seriously. They take too much emphasis on being serious and powerful, aiming on climbing the social ladder. Medical studies show being cheerful extends life. Being funny and humorous has an enormous positive energy in both personal and work life. It probably does more on improving the quality of life as a whole at a much smaller cost.

We often talk about service, and we often talk about products to improve life. While these processes are important, we may well need an often overlooked soft skill that empowers us - 'being sanguine'. It cost nothing but it can be hard to develop this unique quality. Being genuinely sanguine requires one to be truly carefree and be open to different people. That itself is one sheer power in keeping this world a much fun and peaceful place, as most hatred and war stems out on the disability on how to take life easy and simplified.

If you can't laugh at yourself, you can't do anything very much.
If you can't laugh and enjoy life, you also shorten your life...
Hope all this makes sense.

  1. Humor proved to extend life : http://www.innovations-report.de/html/berichte/studien/bericht-75728.html

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